At The Hook Music Club, we are dedicated to negotiate the copyrights of the music of your dream at the most effective time/cost strategy. 

Music clearance is a detailed process that demands accurate research of copyright property, expert negotiation, meticulous contract administration and connexions.

Our legal and music partners are located internationally, from LA, Tokyo, Sao Paulo to London, granting you direct access to legacy catalogues as well as emerging artists. 

From the moment we take on your project, you are dealing with a team of accomplished professionals in the business of licensing regulations and honorarium. 


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1. Research song’s ownership 

  • Copyright ownership research
  • Cost estimate and likelihood of approval 

2. Negociation & Drafting 

  • Research of all applicable titles
  • Official request submissions
  • Negotiation of fees and terms 
  • Timely and regular follow-up to obtain quotes 
  • Upon receipt of terms and fees, The Hook will forward all applicable information to client for their review and approval

3. Contract Finalization 

  • Generate deal memos 
  • Draft and/or request formal license agreements
  • Traffic all agreements and payments
  • Modus operandi of agreements and payments
  • Delivery of closed file(s) to client.

       Request of all fully-executed license agreements and correspondance upon extra fee.